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New era of desserts

An Delicious Indian rice pudding

Chill Palada Payasam

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Pa.Pa Scoop

Palada payasam

About us

At CintaFresh, we’re dedicated to crafting desserts that seamlessly blend old traditions with innovative technology. Our primary product, Palada Payasam, exemplifies our commitment to preserving authentic flavors while embracing modern innovation. We’re truly passionate about creating each Palada Payasam with the utmost care and dedication. We started CintaFresh because we wanted to make tasty, high-quality desserts without compromising on taste or values. In the UAE, we saw an opportunity to use technology and innovation to make authentic South Indian sweets. Our goal is to make our delicious desserts available to everyone,Regardless of their origin or age. Hence, we have embarked on a mission to make these delectable desserts readily available to a broader audience.

Our Company Values

Reduced Plastic Usage

We Strive to minimize plastic usage to protect the enviroment.

No Preservatives

Our products are free from artifical preservatives, promoting natural and fresh ingredients.

100% Authentic

We're dedicated to delivering genuine and authentic experience through our products.


From South India, we bring you Palada Payasam, a dessert that knows no limits. We create it with care, using top-notch ingredients like fine rice flakes and fresh milk, ensuring a delightful experience that’s more than just delicious – it’s also wonderfully creamy. This dessert embodies our commitment to diversity and our core values. Palada Payasam isn’t just one of our main products; it’s also the base for all our other delicious treats.

Chill Palada

Introducing our Chill Palada Payasam - a creamy South Indian dessert that’s a delightful blend of tradition and innovation. Served chilled for a refreshing experience, it’s perfect for any occasion. Made with premium ingredients, each spoonful is a journey of sweet nostalgia, expertly crafted to perfection. Experience the bliss of Chilled Palada Payasam today!


Introducing Papa Scoop - the ultimate Palada Ice Cream that reimagines the classic CintaFresh Palada Payasam as an ice cream . This unique fusion combines the richness of traditional Palada Payasam with the cool, creamy indulgence of ice cream. Papa Scoop offers a symphony of flavors. Whether it’s scorching summer or a cozy winter day, this Palada Ice Cream is a year-round treat that delights. Committed to quality, we use only the finest ingredients to craft Papa Scoop ensuring each scoop is a premium dessert experience. It’s the perfect choice for celebrations or whenever you crave a unique dessert sensation.

Our Branches

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Near Dhe Puttu Restaurant BK10 building, Shop 1 - Sheikh Hamdan Colony - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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